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Levantine is a distinguished American brand specializing in handbags that encapsulate timeless elegance and modern sophistication. READ BEFORE APPLYING to the Collab. Program Highlights: Affiliate Commission:you will earn a 10% commission on every sale generated through your referral. Gifted Product. Requirement : Social Media Influencer Collaboration for the Duration of 3 Months Content Deliverables: Month 1: Review/recommendation reel and accompanying story. Month 2: Aesthetic post and two stories. Month 3: Aesthetic post and two stories. Disclosure and Social Media Mentions: -All creators must explicitly disclose that the product is a gifted item in compliance with applicable regulations. -Social Media Mentions: Tag and mention Levantine Bag's social media account in all content (@levantinebags). Include the hashtag #levantinebags in every post and story related to the product.

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